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Marketing consultations, digital campaigns, social media & public relations service.
Producer of photo sessions and digital materials.

Who I am?

Am I a one-man marketing agency? You could say that.
I have over 4 years of experience in the field of marketing services, conducting digital campaigns, Public Relations, photo sessions, copywriting and events.

I also work in the marketing automation sector, implementing sales-generating solutions and Customer Lifetime Value solutions.

I don’t know one word - „impossible”. Due to my charisma and the will to purse my goals, I have started my career as soon as it was possible for me, adhering to the idea of „learn from practitioners”.

Effect? Much more self-denial and willingness to achieve goals. For myself and the brand I work with.

Marketing - my point of view.

„People are my highest inspiration. Their behavior and way of life, changeability and expectations makes marketing and social media constantly develop. We are looking for new solutions. Practical, quick and at the highest level. Man is the engine of changes in marketing, social media and relations.”

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Comprehensive marketing consulting. Building marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.

Social media

Maintaining account on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Creating and implementing social media strategies.

Digital campaigns

Image and sales campaigns. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Marketing Automation.


Building brand awareness, creating a brand and communication strategies. Defining brand differentiators and values based on the culture of the organization.

Photo sessions and video

Content production according customer expectations. Photo sessions, image sessions, product sessions and video materials.

Public Relations

Building and implementing a PR strategy, in particular, influencer campaigns and ambient actions.

Creating PR materials.

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Do you know where effective and long cooperation begins? From proper plan of activities.

That’s why I start each project with detailed plan of activities.



After determining the action plan and the client’s expectations, I&nbsp;go&nbsp;to&nbsp;the implementation of assumptions.

I&nbsp;keep the client informed about the solutions I&nbsp;implement and the current status of&nbsp;the&nbsp;project.


Measuring the effects

I&nbsp;believe that good marketing cannot exist without good analytics.

Therefore, I&nbsp;monitor the effects of my actions on&nbsp;an&nbsp;ongoing basis and check the effectiveness so&nbsp;that it&nbsp;bring the best results.


Brand with which I have worked directly or indirectly (on behalf of an agency or editorial office)


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